With "Ink," Denver talent dips into a dark well

"But it's Jessica Duffy, formerly of Denver, who impresses most as Liev. Luminous, the actor brings a vital warmth to the story. She becomes a prisoner, but also a protector of the little girl. Liev is the kind of guardian you want on your side."

By Lisa Kennedy

The Denver Post Film Critic



The Score Card Review

"The standout actor here is Jessica Duffy as Liev the Storyteller. It’s her responsibility to try and get into the head of Ink, and she truly seems at home trying to make Emma comfortable when Ink has them both under his control."


By: John Bayer

The Score Card Review


1001 Positively True Stories of an Indie Filmmaker Review of INK

"Jessica Duffy as Liev was remarkable. Her performance was stunning and powerful in the best understated way. She has a gorgeous face and the appeal of a classic Hollywood beauty ( in this way she reminds me of Charlize Theron)." 


1001 Positively True Stories of an Indie Filmmaker

By: Angelo Bell


LA Weekly Ink Review

"INK Jamin Winans’ screenplay for Ink has all the ambition of a Terry Gilliam or Jean-Pierre Jeunet epic, Winans’ intricately mapped fantasy world should inspire more than a few." 

By Luke Thompson

LA Weekly


LA Times Review

"The cinematic Influences in this assured action fantasy 'INK', include Terry Gilliam and Guillermo Del Toro, with liberal helpings of David Lynch and the Wachowski Brothers." "The DIY shomanship are reminiscent of Robert Rodriguez and Peter Jackson."

By: Robert Abele

LA Times